What is health cost sharing?

Health cost-sharing is an easy, affordable, and compassionate way to pay for your healthcare. Big Stuff Health Share is a program that allows members to volunteer their respective contributions into one large pool of funds that can be used for every member’s medical expense needs.


Big Stuff Health Share provides a community-based, cost-effective, and accountable framework to help your fellow community members with unexpected medical needs. Likewise, your fellow community members step in with their contributions to help you or your family member when a medical need arises.

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The history of health sharing.

Pooling community resources to provide for the health care of a family in need predates health insurance, is rooted in Biblical scriptures, and has been around for centuries.

The modern concept of a health share began in the early 1990s when the family of a pastor in the midwest was involved in a tragic car accident. The community rallied around the family and sent money to help pay medical bills. Long before the internet and GoFundMe were around, this community of Christians pooled their resources to help a community member in need.

After the pastor’s medical bills were taken care of, the concept evolved. Funds were invested in an account BEFORE new needs arose in the congregation, and when they did, the funds were used to pay those medical bills.

Big Stuff Health Share has adopted a similar model and while we do request you abide by our Foundations of Membership, we don’t require membership in a religious congregation to participate. Anyone who agrees to these standards may join our community of individuals working together to share medical costs.

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Who is health sharing for?

Anyone! Big Stuff Health Share welcomes those of all faiths and the only requirement for membership is adherence to our Foundations for Membership.

Adherence to these simple foundations reduces medical risk, promotes healthy living, and ensures accountability for all our members.

In addition, Big Stuff Health Share is also a federally certified exemption to the individual mandate of the U.S. Affordable Care Act. As such, membership in the Big Stuff Health Share is an eligible option for individuals and families under the ACA.


What providers can I see &
services can and get?

Empower yourself to choose your own doctor! You don’t even have to choose a doctor! With Big Stuff Health Share, you are free to choose any licensed medical provider!

This means you can choose the provider with the best bedside manner, the best price, or the closest office. Even in a medical emergency, you are free to attend the medical center of your choice, without penalty for being “out-of-network.”

In addition, we provide the coupling of a Big Stuff Health Share membership with membership in a direct primary care partnership. Direct primary care is like having a family doctor on retainer.  The vast majority of our members are currently members of the Alive & Well Direct Primary Care group, however, if Alive & Well is not available in your area, we can connect you with an option in your hometown. For more information on Alive & Well and Direct Primary Care, visit their website at myaliveandwell.com.