Inflammation: Reversal and Prevention

When it comes to pain, disease, and illness, inflammation could possibly be one of THE most pivotal underlying factors. To put it simply, inflammation is generated in the presence of agitation, discord, friction, and/or foreign substances in the body. The following is a list of the primary contributing factors for inflammation in the body:

HDL vs. LDL Cholesterol:

Some of the primary sources of LDL (bad) Cholesterol in the diet are animal and dairy products. The combination of saturated fats, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and natural animal hormones, initiate internal defense mechanisms, which go to work targeting and destroying foreign proteins and connective tissues in the body. This process is a natural result of choosing to eat primarily animal products, and is simply the body not recognizing that its efforts of targeting foreign proteins, also happens to be destroying its own connective and protective joint proteins and tissues. Some foods containing healthy fats that help lower the inflammatory impact of LDL cholesterol and increase HDL (good) Cholesterol are Flax Meal, Avocados, Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Nut Butters, Seeds, Whole Grains, High Fiber Fruit.

The Impact of Hydration & pH Balance on Inflammation:

Our bodies consist of around 80% water, and ironically, around 80% of North America is chronically dehydrated. My estimation is that well over half of those people actually think they’re drinking more than enough water every day, yet the truth is that we all need to be drinking closer to the equivalent of our body-weight in ounces of clean water every single day. This comes as a surprisingly high number to most, yet the research shows that although most of us have unrestricted access to clean drinking water at any given moment, we simply choose not to drink it for whatever reason, and our bodies continue to suffer the consequences of muscle and joint friction, connective tissue agitation, dehydration, and fatigue. By implementing a Tbsp or two of Apple Cider Vinegar into our water, soup, or salad dressing every day, we can help our bodies regulate from either extremity of acidity or alkalinity, right back to an ideal pH level of around 7.2. With the body’s pH properly balanced, water is absorbed into the gut lining and into the blood, digestion processes are as they should be, blood viscosity is corrected, and all joint and connective tissues are strengthened, moisturized, and fortified.

Bacterial / Viral / Fungal Causes of Inflammation:

A foreign substance in the body, is either an inorganic material, and/or is something living that shouldn’t be within us. Of the roughly ten trillion beneficial living organisms in each of our bodies, there are literally millions of unfriendly living organisms as well. When these negatively charged cells and free-radicals make their way through our bodies, their sole purpose is to destroy positively charged cells in their path. When there is destruction of healthy cells going on in our bodies, we begin feeling the result of that exchange. By far, the most beneficial product I’ve ever found, for combating this internal and external onslaught, is a harmless antibacterial / antiviral / antifungal liquid healing product is called Nano Silver. To learn more about Nano Silver and its healing properties, feel free to reach out to me directly, by emailing

The Role of Refined & Processed / Artificials & Synthetics:

Our bodies have a lot of work and clean-up to do every day. When we choose to consume food-like substances, entirely void of whole-food nutrient-density, we cheat and steal from ourselves, the foundational building-blocks of our own internal, physical healing. As is applicable with any machinery, when foreign substances are introduced, the ease of functionality is bogged down, and the machine is unable to function as effortlessly as it once did. It becomes our sacred responsibility, as we learn to be good to our bodies, to embrace more whole and plant-based foods, more natural and organic foods, and more fresh, clean, local, and living foods. When we become willing to do more of the “processing” of our food, in our own kitchens, our bodies feel the difference, and we in turn reap the direct benefits.

Bentley Murdock Director of Wellness Disease Reversal Specialist

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