Pricing Plans


The pricing listed below is available for individuals and families who sign up for the Big Stuff Health Share and Big Stuff’s telemedicine services.


Telemedicine services provide the option for routine medical consultations from wherever you are and are included with every membership. Through telemedicine, our providers can prescribe medications, offer advice and diagnose any number of illnesses.

For those living in areas where our direct primary care partner operates,  Alive & Well Complete provides an option for additional services, including housecalls and worksite visits. In a nutshell, Alive & Well Complete is like having a family doctor on retainer.

To learn more about Alive & Well Complete visit

If Alive & Well Complete is not offered where you live, options are available to couple your enrollment in the Big Stuff Health Share with direct primary care providers in your area. Contact us for more information.

Single Membership Only Starting At




Per Month

Big Stuff Healthshare with $1500 IUA


Single Membership Plus One Starting At



Per Month

Big Stuff Healthshare with $1500 IUA


Family Membership

Starting At



Per Month

Big Stuff Healthshare with $1500 IUA


Included in your membership:


Big Stuff Memberships include the Primary Member/Head of Household.

Spouses can be included as long as they are legally married to the Primary Member or listed as a dependent on the Primary’s tax return.

Dependent Children can be included on Primary’s membership as long as the Primary is the designated legal guardian of the child. This includes birth, adoption, or foster care.

Children age 25 or younger may be added. Children age 26 and older are not eligible for our services and must sign up for their own account. Married children are required to have their own membership.

Pre-existing signs/symptoms/diagnoses/history are not sharable for 12 months after membership start date.

Pregnancy is sharable only if conception occurs 90 days or longer after membership start date.

Additional information:


Big Stuff Healthshare prices include telemedicine services and medical cost-sharing.

Big Stuff Healthshare members add an additional $50/member/month fee for tobacco use.

All memberships include a one-time enrollment fee of $150 per primary member.

All members must complete an initial Health and Personal History questionnaire, this will include Health and Fitness questions.


All members are subject to membership guidelines for consideration of payment.

Add $50 per month per additional family member over 8 people.

Members must participate in Medicare/Medicaid if Medicare/Medicaid eligible.

Inappropriate use of disbursed funds is cause for immediate dismissal.